Lunch Hour Music With Bog Light

Saturday, January 10 | 11 am – 2 pm
Saturday, January 24 | 11 am - 2pm 

Bog Light is a musical organization based in Chicago. The founding members, Andrew Longaker and Kevin Lipa, were born and raised in Southern California. In 2012, both Kevin and Andrew relocated to Chicago, where they began searching for opportunities to hone their performance abilities and network. Bog Light has grown to include two additional members, Gustavo Cortinas and Kitt Lyles (drums and bass). Bog Light approaches music as a way to reach people, share the power of sound, and the feeling of jazz that will lift your spirits.

Three Kings Cake

Three Kings Cake (Galette)

Saturday, January 10 | Noon – 1 pm

Several lovely family customs are associated with the Epiphany. It is on Epiphany that the Christmas crèche is finally completed, as the figures of the three wise men at last arrive at the crib. In many families, the wise men are moved a bit closer to the crib every day from Christmas Day until Epiphany. Also, recalling the gifts to the Infant Jesus, many families exchange small gifts. A time-­ÔÇÉhonored custom (especially in France) is the baking of a cake with a bean or trinket hidden inside. The person whose cake contains the bean is made king of the feast. Come enjoy this French Tradition and receive a piece of cake to see if you become the king or queen for the day.


Lunch Hour Music with Sami Lin

Saturday, January 17 | 11 am – 2 pm

Sami Lin is a teenage girl from the Northwest side of Chicago whose music and style is influenced by contemporary country and Christian worship music. Whether performing in country clubs or coffee shops, Sami Lin's sweet, powerful voice accompanied by her Daisy Rock acoustic or hot pink, electric Fender guitar engages her audience and doesn't let them go. Chicago Lifeline Theater composer Paul Gilvary describes Sami Lin's songwriting style as featuring "untraditional chord changes at times, giving her melodies a fresh, tasty feel to them."


Lunch Hour Music with Ashleigh and Alexa Ashton

Saturday, January 31 | 11 am – 2 pm 

Ashleigh Ashton is a 19 year-old, award-winning singer-songwriter. Her music has brought her to LA, NY, Nashville and Florida where she has played various festivals, including the Montauk Music Fest, Port Charlotte Florida Music Festival, and the last Cornerstone Festival, as well as many venues in her home town of Chicago.

Ashleigh shares the stage with her sister Alexa, a four-year graduate of the prestigious Lincoln Way Guitar Studio. The girls share a natural sibling harmony and love of music. Ashleigh is currently working on material for her third EP, due out in 2015, with producers Joe Dillilo and Joshua Staar.