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Spicy Monkey

Inspiration for the Spicy Monkey comes from the time we spend with our families and loved ones. Our grandma’s food always tasted amazing and she never used preservatives or non-food fillers. This is what we at the Spicy Monkey will always promise to …

… focus on comfort food and tradition. That being said, we reserve the right to put our spin on comfort food and tradition. Even the best traditions can be improved on.

… make good food with no excuses. We make our soup fresh without fillers, artificial preservatives, etc. because that’s the way it should be. If this ever becomes impossible, we will close our doors and find a new business.

… buy organic, whenever viable, source our ingredients locally whenever available and always serve our food fresh. Always.

… remember our customers are the boss. But it doesn’t mean they’re always right.

… work towards better every day. We don’t claim to be perfect (or that we will ever get there.) So we just promise better.

… leave everyone in a better place than we find them. We consider our shops to be a safe place. Whether you need some comfort food or just a warm hello, we will be here.

Our soups begin with a fresh vegetarian stock made from scratch. Every day we make our two signature soups: Fresh Tomato & Vegetable Broth. Then you can customize your soup (for no extra $) with some delicious add-ins. Things like: Pulled Chicken. Broccoli, Bell Peppers, Ditalini Pasta, Shredded Cheese etc. etc.

We will also offer daily soup options. Some examples: Chicago Chicken Gumbo, Split Pea, Clam Chowder, Hungarian Mushroom, etc. etc.

Our grilled cheese sandwiches are hand-made to order with only real meats and cheeses, preservative-free bread, and fresh veggies.

Everyone has their opinions about comfort food and how it should be made and we’re good with that. These recipes are our opinions. We make our food this way because we believe this is the way it should be made. We hope you agree.


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